Quantitative radiological cross-sectional imaging

QILaB – Quantitative Imaging Lab Bonn
Klinik für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie 
PD Dr. med. Julian A. Luetkens

This research group focuses on the development and application of new, innovative quantitative methods in CT and MRI imaging, especially for the characterization and quantification of structural organ changes.

Focuses of the working group are:

– Development of new imaging methods for the quantification of organ fibrosis and inflammatory changes,

– Establishment of quantitative measurement methods for the analysis of body composition,

– Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) methods for the automation of quantification procedures and for the improved detection and more precise characterisation of organ changes.

The aim of the research group is the translation of modern imaging techniques, image processing and automated recognition methods into clinical routine in order

– to expand the diagnostic spectrum of imaging procedures and thus, for example, to reduce the number of invasive sampling (biopsies) required to confirm the diagnosis,

– to be able to early predict therapy response or success,

– to individualise therapeutic approaches through improved prognosis estimates (personalised medicine).



  • Quantitative Multiparametric MRI
  • Opportunistic Imaging and Body Composition
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning