Model-based Analysis of Biological Systems

Modellbasierte Analyse biologischer Systeme
University of Bonn
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Hasenauer 

The Computational Life Science group is part of the LIMES Institute and the Interdisciplinary Research Unit „Mathematics & Life Sciences“ at the University of Bonn. We develop computational methods to analyze experimental data, compare competing hypotheses and design tailored experiments. Following the philosophy of Galileo Galilei: „Measure what can be measured and make measurable what cannot be measured.“, we use models to reconstruct properties of the system that cannot be captured experimentally.

This leads to an improved holistic understanding of biological systems. We apply these methods to study intracellular signaling, cell-to-cell variability, tissue organization, and drug response.


Beispiel eines Codes zur Analyse experimenteller Daten. © Jan Hasenauer


  • Mathematical modeling
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • sMachine learning