Imaging, Cognition and Oculomotor Function

Abteilung für Allgemeine Psychologie I
Institut für Psychologie, Universität Bonn
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger

The Section of Cognitive Psychology uses structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging in its research to reveal the neural mechanisms of cognitive and oculomotor processes. The group’s research interests include the neurotransmitter systems underlying cognition, the effects of pharmacological agents on brain function and psychometric correlates of brain structure and function.

In many of the group’s studies, eye movements are recorded using video-based infrared oculography during fMRI.


The figure shows the main result from a recent study, which observed that the effects of nicotine on brain function during motor response inhibition depend on the participants’ levels of trait impulsivity.  © Ulrich Ettinger


  • structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging
  • video-based infrared oculography