The computational view into the human head

Computational Neuroradiology
Klinik für Neuroradiologie
Dr. Markus D. Schirmer

In general, Computational Neuroradiology refers to the computer-assisted neuroradiology. Nowadays, more and more imaging techniques are utilized for diagnosing patients. Evaluations of the generated data can be automated and further augmented through the deployment and development of modern analysis techniques, especially with the help of artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning.

A key focus is thereby the translational research through which such developments can find their way into the clinic and help with patient care.

Our research group is situated at the intersection between methodological development and the translation of these methods into the clinical workflow, thereby assisting neuro radiologists in their work.



  • MRT
  • Virtual Contrasts
  • Computational Neuro-Imaging and Image Analysis